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Dr. Don has been voted the “Best Chiropractor/Clinic in Copperas Cove" for the past 13 years running, in both the Copperas Cove Leader Press and the Cove Herald. Read what some of his patients have to say ...

The Benefits of Chiropractic

Chiropractic is an essential piece in your health care puzzle. By maximizing the potential of your muscles, joints, and nervous system, your body is able to function at its greatest level - and with improved health and quality of life for you.


Wondering if you might benefit from chiropractic?  Whether you have been to a chiropractor previously or not, Cove Physical Rehab offers consultations to prospective patients who would like to meet the doctor and ask questions, face to face. Just call us to schedule your appointment.

What to Expect on Your First Visit

Going to the chiropractor for the first time can be intimidating, particularly if a patient has recently experienced trauma to the back or neck. Often, patients are distressed, in pain, and beginning to experience the mental and emotional side effects of an injury. There are a few specific things we will review and discuss before proceeding with any adjustments.

You can expect your first visit to be a bit longer than usual visits, at least an hour. We may need to take x-rays, look at MRIs, or other reports from previous physicians or Chiropractors.

You will be asked to fill out a New Patient Intake Form (click here to download this form.) We will also ask you if you have ever been to a Chiropractor before. We have a spine model and can explain what we feel is going on in your specific situation. Our staff will listen carefully to understand your needs. Then, after a thorough examination, we will explain the scientific basis of your condition, and if chiropractic care is indicated, we will discuss the seriousness of your case, how long it may take, and what the cost will be.

Treating Injuries

If you are seeking Chiropractic as the result of any injury, we will inquire on the nature of the injury and the timeframe pain started, and the specific location of the pain. Following this, we may take an x-ray of your neck and/or back to determine the specifics of the injury. We will then explain the nature of the injury, how this will impact your life if the condition goes untreated, and what can be done to correct the problem.

If your injury is moderate or serious, we will explain the mental side effects (including depression) frequently associated with such trauma and the warning signs of such a development. These potential side effects stem from a patient's decreased ability to live what was typically a normal life for the duration of the injury or even to perform basic tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and working.

Getting Adjustments

There are multiple ways to accomplish adjustments. If you are considering Chiropractic because of a chronic pain issue, you might consider taking an Advil or mild pain reliever so that the Chiropractor can adjust you with less discomfort, but in general, Chiropractors are gentle and considerate of your comfort level. You might also consider massage to go along with your Chiropractic visit, especially if you are dealing with chronic pain issues.

Getting adjusted generally takes only a few minutes. If electrical or other physiotherapy modalities are indicated they can take from 2-15 minutes each. If massage is indicated, we can prescribe 15-minute or half hour sessions. Once we have an idea what the problem is, treatment is usually pretty quick. Follow-up visits may only be as little as 15 minutes. During the initial interview and at any time during treatment, we take time to answer your questions, explaining things in such a way that you will understand it.

Treatments may produce mild discomfort, but should not produce pain. If at any time, anything makes you uncomfortable or you experience additional symptoms; speak up. Some symptoms may be a sign of more severe issues, and keeping symptoms or discomfort from your provider will never improve things and could delay needed treatment.

Return Visits

Every patient is different. Professional performers (such as athletes or professional sports competitors) are looking to maximize their performance and may want to come in weekly or more often. Patients who have had a trauma may need to be seen as often as 3 times a week, for a period of time. Some patients come in 2 or 3 times and then not again unless they experience a new injury.

Pregnant patients often present with an issue that is resolved and then come regularly after until the baby comes. Some patients just really enjoy being healthy and want to stay that way. They sometimes schedule monthly visits.

We will work with your family practitioner, physical therapist, or neurologist if requested. In the event of persistent problems (such as frequent headaches following an injury) we may refer you to a family doctor or neurologist for further diagnosis or other care.

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